Beginning in July 1874 the Hopewell Presbyterian Church (later the Douthit-Specker Post of the American Legion—Odessa), met as the original group of 22 Baptists as they organized the Mt. Hope Baptist Church. The Mt. Hope congregation moved from the Presbyterian Church, to the Starr School, and then to the Gibbs Hall in Odessa before forming a partnership with Regular Baptist to build a building located on Dryden Street, northeast of the First Christian Church. The first service in the new building was held November 8, 1879. By this time they had voted to change their name to Odessa Baptist Church. In May of 1886 a storm damaged the tower of the building and before it was repaired the interest of the Regular Baptist was bought out. The church had fifty members, which steadily grew in the larger building.

                A building fund was established in December of 1922 and a building committee was authorized. A new building located at the corner of First and Mason was erected during the summer of 1924 and dedicated that November 30. Another name change, to First Baptist Church of Odessa, and continued growth created the need for an Educational Building (dedicated July 31, 1955)

                With the continued growth in our community and church, a study committee was formed in March of 2001. The committee convened to study remodeling of our current building or building a new building. In August of that year, a decision was made to build a new church on land donated and purchased from the Mary Lou Pragman family. That study committee officially became the “New Building Committee” in September of 2001. A contract was signed in December of 2003 with Septagon Construction to build a new church. The first service in the new building located at 100 W. OO Highway was August 26, 2007.